Edwin Ferguson, ESQ

Edwin Ferguson is a proud product of the Palm Beach County School System, having attended Lincoln Elementary School, Military Trail Elementary School, Bear Lakes Middle School, and Suncoast High School.  While a student at Suncoast High School, Edwin attained his diploma from the International Baccalaureate program. After high school he attended the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), followed by his attendance at the University of Central Florida (UCF). While at UCF, Edwin attained his undergraduate degree in Business Administration.


Upon graduation from college, Edwin sought to enter the field of education as a teacher in the Palm Beach County School District. While employed in Palm Beach County as a teacher, Edwin had the privilege of teaching AP Chemistry at Suncoast High School, and Algebra I in the ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) program at Palm Beach Lakes High School. While teaching in our public schools, Edwin, whose mother, Abby, taught in the Palm Beach County School District for over 20 years prior to her untimely passing, and who has a number of family members who work or worked as educators throughout the state of Florida, developed a strong appreciation for the challenges our students face in and outside of the classroom. In fact, it was Edwin’s empathy for the daily struggles our students face that led him to turn his sights to law school as a means of gaining a greater level of education which then could be used here in Palm Beach County to help reshape the community.


Edwin’s tenure in law school was quite successful, having offered him the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the law, and the importance of advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Mere months after graduating from the Barry University School of Law in 2005, Edwin founded The Ferguson Firm in Riviera Beach, Fl.  Over the course of his career, Edwin has honed his advocacy skills by fighting for the rights of persons injured due to the negligent acts of others, and also by fighting to defend the rights of persons who have been accused of committing criminal acts.  Presently, Edwin is a licensed attorney in Florida and Maryland, and limits his law practice primarily to the areas of personal injury and real estate.


When he is “off the clock”, Mr Ferguson spends his time with his lovely wife, Keli (local TV news anchor), and their toddler-aged son, Xavier, (with whom he enjoys watching “Harry the Bunny” and “Tog, Toot, and Tizzy Mouse”) and the newest addition to the family, Abby, who was born in March of this year. Edwin also enjoys reading, exercising, and rooting for his beloved Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat.

Platform Issues

The cornerstone of a solid educational foundation is the ability to read and think critically.  The ability to count to 100, recite the “ABCs”, properly hold a pen/pencil, and identify one’s name when shown, should be “par for the course” for every child prior to entering elementary school.  Regardless of race or class, I will fight to make sure that ALL children are afforded the essential training necessary to be the best that they can be.

Presently, there is an ever-increasing threat to the safety our kids and school staff due to the presence of firearms and other weapons on our campuses.  I will strive to ensure the welfare of our schools by making sure every person is screened for weapons via the use of metal detection devices prior to stepping in the schoolhouse, installing and/or repairing fencing around each institution, and restricting the points of entry onto each campus.

The benefit of attaining a high school diploma will continue to be minimized if our students are not educated from kindergarten through the 12th grade to appreciate the dynamic nature of the current job market.  In fact, why not educate and encourage each child to critically view the local, state, national, and global economies in an effort to identify areas of the economy that they can service as business owners?  In order to be a productive entrepreneur, it will be imperative for our kids to appreciate the importance of critical thinking, quickly adapting to change, providing superior service, and putting forth their best foot at all times. Equipped with these essential abilities, any students who elect not to open businesses will still position themselves head and shoulders above their competitors for prospective jobs–regardless of the city, state, or country in which said competitors presently reside.

Many residents of Palm Beach County failed to master (or were never exposed to) certain skills during their formative years that they now require to be the best citizens, parents, children, neighbors, and employees that they can be.  I believe that our school district must offer a broader range of classes to our adult residents at an affordable cost to ensure that all who wish to improve themselves can do so.

Aside from the role of the parent, there is no role that is more essential to the wellbeing of our children than that of the teacher.  It is in our children’s best interest for our teachers to be better positioned in and out of the classroom.   For example, many of our teachers are faced with the prospect of losing their jobs if they do not meet certain subjective evaluations, that are partially based on academic inequities that have become ingrained within the school system. Additionally, many educators are forced to deal with the daily stress of working multiple jobs in an attempt to make ends meet.  (If our teachers are stressed, many of our kids will likely be stressed, too!)  The success of our kids and our community is directly tied to the ability of our teachers to perform at their optimum levels.

A well-rounded student, will likely be a well-rounded adult.   We must do be a better job in Palm Beach County of adhering to state law, and infuse inclusion-based and tolerance-based teachings into every class at every school, without the bias that presently taints many of the courses our kids are presently taught.


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